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New Merida Speeder T5

Posted: Tue Aug 19, 2014 10:17 am
by piston9
Just got new mew Merida Speeder T5, and clocked up my first 100K's.... When I was researching there wasn't much out there as to whether the bike was good or not, so.... First impressions.

Context - this is my second Merida. My first was an Al-bon Tech 890, purchased in 1993 I think, which I paid $1800 for. Yes. In 1993. It rocked - seriously, one of the best bikes i've owned to date! I have been riding a Specialized Allez Comp for the last year, but it isn't suited to commuting, so, time to change.

Firstly, let's say upfront - this bike is awesome. It's fast, comfortable, rides and turns well. Moving off the roadie to the flat bar is a revelation - my confidence on the road is instantly much higher because of the seating position and bars....

Good points

Seating position over the roadie - much more comfortable in my middle age.
Responsive. This bike moves - power, turning, whatever, it is really responsive. A little less so once the pannier bags are on, but hey....
Fast - yes, this bike is fast. In fact, on my first few rides I have set PR's on every ride. Ok, I had a tail wind, but I set some crazy times on the way home yesterday, rack and all.
Solid - took my racks no issue, no creaks or strange movements, even riding at 30+ k's.
Slightly softer - funnily enough, this bike is softer than my roadie with 'zertz' and more carbon - same tyres (Gatorskin 700Cx25), but it is way more comfortable.

Bad points

Ok, a flat bar is slower in headwinds.
No riding in groups with a flat bar....
Gears top out a little low (about 45K's), but really, that is minor....
Stock tyres - useless. I have a set of brand new unridden detonators at home now, that will probably just rot...

Anyhow, if you are thinking of it, it is a great bike.... I certainly love it!


Re: New Merida Speeder T5

Posted: Tue Aug 19, 2014 3:08 pm
by reefer
piston9 wrote:No riding in groups with a flat bar...

Why not?
I am regularly passed :oops: by a group of 4 on the way to the dam. In this group is some rather fit bloke on a 29er MTB with knobbly tyres, you can hear him coming for a hundred meters or so :shock:

Re: New Merida Speeder T5

Posted: Tue Aug 19, 2014 3:13 pm
by piston9
They get upset when your flat bar catches in their drops and flicks them off their bikes.... oops! :D