Merida Ride 400 2016

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Merida Ride 400 2016

Postby DM120 » Fri Feb 12, 2016 12:11 pm

Hi, i will be ordering Merida ride 400. i could not find any useful info or user reviews with google search. I'd be grateful for any useful pieces of info. such as opinions on the quality of ride and stock tires. I'm 50, 175 cm 90 kg fit. i do road riding on weekends about 100 km/week. Bike size is 540 toptube as determined by Guru.
thanks a lot

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Re: Merida Ride 400 2016

Postby Jawa » Mon Sep 12, 2016 8:37 am

Im guessing OP has now got their bike.

For anyone thinking of picking this ride (no pun) up I purchased this same bike a few months back. I have to say its been a pretty solid bike. Only real change made was I swapped out the OEM saddle for a Prologo Kappa. The OEM saddle always creaked whenever there was even the slightest flex in the wings.

105 groupset (mostly)
carbon forks and seatpost
Internal cabling
Smooth welds

Aforementioned saddle
Inner tubes, have punctured both. Swapped out for some quality ones
At close to 2000g, the Fulcrum wheels a little heavy

But hey overall, for $1350 its been pretty good bang for my buck.

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