ATS Speed Drive- experiences?

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ATS Speed Drive- experiences?

Postby Trevtassie » Sat May 26, 2018 9:59 am

Anybody actually used an ATS Speed Drive? I'm looking at one for my Rohloff equipped bike because I'm sick of the crappy gear range. I'd be running it in 1:1 mostly, with the 1.65 ratio for long descents and tail wind situations where with my current set up running 36:19 I constantly spin out. I'm a big one for spinning in low gears to save my knees, and my partner is significantly less strong than me but still can't be persuaded to lighten her load of those necessities, so I need the low gearing so I don't drop her on hills and get growled at, plus move all the ballast I load up to equalise things.
What are they like when in overdrive? More noisy than the Rohloff? I guess I'm not so worried about friction losses since it's a downhill/cruising/tailwind thing. I'm over just rolling down hill because the friction losses from the Rohloff mean my partner is always on my hammer, even if she doesn't pedal. And she now has 727% gear range courtesy of the 11-40T rear cassette and 20-30-40 cranks I put on her bike so it's even worse.

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