IRD Alpina-D triple front derailleur

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IRD Alpina-D triple front derailleur

Postby RonK » Wed Nov 06, 2013 4:57 pm

If anybody has been chasing an Alpina D, they have been difficult to source for a couple of years. Now it seems that Interloc have finally manufactured a new batch...

The cage is curved to suit smaller chainring sizes and shorter so it doesn't foul on the chain stay.

Interloc Racing Design wrote:Same performance level as the CD, but designed for triples. Will work with standard road triple cranks, but it optimized for smaller rings such as 48-36-24t or 50-36-26, which is now possible with our Triple-Lizer ring.
Why? Though many cyclists strive to look like the pros, there's a growing realization that huge gears are not ideal for the majority of roadies.
• Braze-on style.
• The Alpina-d for drop bar bikes

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