N-1 New Ti Bikepacking rig cum replace all bikes bike

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Re: N-1 New Ti Bikepacking rig cum replace all bikes bike

Postby queequeg » Thu May 10, 2018 5:03 pm

cancan64 wrote:You must be excited Queequeg. NZ hads a nz$400 limit with customs but I was lucky and the frame got through without being pricked up., but everything else did including a $402 delivery. was a pain as it added weeks to the build time which I also had done by a shop. just didnt have time and wanted it done properly first up

I just dropped everything off with the Bike Builder today. After thinking I had everything, it looks like I am missing the rear Thru-Axle. I photographed everything as it came out of the box and it wasn't in there as a loose part. I thought it might have been hidden somewhere among all the bubble wrap, but I am guessing it never got put in the box. Hopefully they'll send me the axle pretty quickly, or it's going to stuff up the build process a bit!

As for the Customs, when you go over $1000, typically the Importer has an agent at the receiving end, so as soon as my frame arrived I got an e-mail from the Clearing Agent with the invoice. If you just have some random person who sends it without bothering with formal Customs Paperwork, then it is pot luck. However, the benefit of the Clearing Agent is that my frame spent about 2 hours in Customs before being released. Once they got their money it was out of there, and delivered to me the following morning.
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