Byk's new MTR range

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Byk's new MTR range

Postby Mububban » Tue Jun 20, 2017 10:19 pm

This is the sort of bike I was looking for for my daughter recently. She didn't need or want suspension, and the associated weight (and cost) penalty.
These still only have the 3x internal SRAM gearing, whereas the Reid Viper I bought her has 1x7, but this looks similar to the Reid design - ~40mm but pretty smooth treaded tyres, rigid chromoly fork, some gearing to help on the hills, and still lightweight and rolls well.

Still pricey at $469+ compared to the $299 for the Reid, but good to see more options in kids bikes out there. And polished aluminium looks pretty sweet.

This new model introduces a range of bikes that has the advantages of both Mountain and Road style. Fitting the potential of riding on gravel paths and narrow tracks but also just as easily ridden to school and around the bike paths.

Optimising both ease of riding and added strength, features abound like the internal 3 speed SRAM gears, curved CRM forks, All purpose tyres, protective chain guard, adjustable headstem and the added practicality of a polished Aluminium frame.

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