1974 Malvern star Original spec's?

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1974 Malvern star Original spec's?

Postby Martious » Fri Aug 22, 2014 11:45 pm

Hey, Martious

I am new here but not to forum's so know the rules well so should be no problem.

I am making this thread to ask on the original factory spec's on a 1974 malvern star Pic's will be below.

I did buy this off ebay.com.au for around $120 + postage out of sheer annoyance of the part of the coast I'm on is barren of collector's selling and this bike is a good example of the era so, But I do have a few parts I found on rubbish pile's from when I was a kid/kid till current day that were criminal to throw away.

The main reason Is due to the history lost on malvern star in the fire way back when I cannot find the original spec for this one, The handle bars and curves giving an optical illusion when photographed and all, It makes it hard to judge.

I will be posting pics of the one I have coming in the mail and the 1969 huffy dragster/BMX cross over I have in rat bike form at least I think its that year corrections welcome :D. That's why I'm here after all.

Pic's coming soon.

P.S I never sell any of my bike's I collect they are for me to enjoy till the grave if that's staring for hours on a rainy day or a sunny day ride its all good either way.

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