Rules for the Want To Buy Thread

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Newbies, please read the Market Place Rules before posting in this section.

POST FORMAT: [LOCATION] description (WTB not required)
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Rules for the Want To Buy Thread

Postby AUbicycles » Sun Apr 14, 2013 11:48 pm

Are you wanting to post a Want To Buy, Group Buy or Swap?
Please read through this and ensure your post complies with these requirements.

Posts that do not comply with these requirements will be deleted by moderators without notification. If you spot a thread in the marketplace that is incorrect, please report it to the mods using the report post icon Image. The increasing amount of activity in here means it can sometimes be difficult for moderators to review all threads.

1. Types of Posts allowed
- Businesses may post however not group buys.
- No posts for services or events.
- Only bicycle and bicycle related products are allowed.
- Australian relevant requests only
- No Ebay sales please use My Bikes or Gear Elsewhere

Any posts/offers in breach of the rules or deemed inappropriate will be removed by moderators without notification.

2. No minimum post/time equirements for participation (on trial)
As a new section, we are trialling this with no restrictions, if you are a new member you may post to this section abd if it is not abused this can be made permanent.

3. Replies and Discussion
Discussion is ok - if the discussion becomes technical, consider other relevant forum sections.

If you feel that an offer in the marketplace is a scam or misleading, please report the post and provide a short explanation so that a moderater can address this.

4. Structure of your Post
Post Title (subject)

If you want to trade / swap a bike / parts, please name your topic:
[your location] - description
eg: [MEL] - Speedplay Pedals

If you want to trade / swap a bike / parts, please name your topic:
SWAP - [your location] - description
eg: SWAP [MEL] - Speedplay Pedals

If you wish to begin a Group Buy
GROUP BUY [your location] - description
eg: GROUP BUY [MEL] - Cool Stop Brake Pads

For location, your state or city must be entered. Your location must be entered into the title of all marketplace threads, regardless of whether you are willing to ship/post the item or not.

If your request is complete, please post a response noting that it is CLOSED>:

7. Legal Information

Warning - Buyer Beware
Please carefully check the goods before purchase. Private purchases usually don't include a garantee. Ask to see original purchase receipts and ask for a receipt of purchase (even a hand written note with signature). If you suspect a bike or parts to be stolen, please report this to the police.

Legal Disclaimer
Bicycles Network Australia provides these classifieds as an open forum for private buyers and sellers. Businesses and commercial enterprises are not permitted to participate in this forum.

Bicycles Network Australia does not endorse or take responsibility for posts within this forum. Bicycles Network Australia does not participate in any transactions and does not take any responsibility for transactions. Transactions take place between a buyer and seller without participation or endorsement from Bicycles Network Australia.

Sellers are required to provide truthful and correct information regarding the bicycle / bicycle parts / cycling products for sale. Buyers are encouraged to personally inspect goods before purchase as Bicycles Network Australia takes no responsibility and provides no guarantee for the goods offered for sale.

Bicycles Network Australia reserves the right to remove or edit any posts in the forum.

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