[PER] WTB - Rear wheel with single speed hub

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[PER] WTB - Rear wheel with single speed hub

Postby elStado » Tue Nov 12, 2013 11:09 pm

Hi all, have a few old frames laying around so decided to make a frankenbike for my housemate to use. All the gearing is shot on the donor bikes so would prefer to grab a cheap/free rear wheel with a single speed hub on it and use that instead. Much easier to maintain that way and keep the weight down on the old repco frame which is heavy already. If anyone has something to donate/sell for cheap send me a PM. I have a few frames, including a vintage ladies bike, a chrome Kojima, a Repco and some other touring class frame so will consider a swap too if you are looking for a frame and have a spare wheel. Cheers 8)
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