NuVinci is now enviolo

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NuVinci is now enviolo

Postby AUbicycles » Tue Nov 07, 2017 6:06 pm

NuVinci is the planetary hub - rather than ratchets and cogs it uses ball bearing system to change the ratio and provides 'stepless' gears. This means you change the gears but are not locked into set steps.

From Fallbrook Technologies, the NuVinci hub for bikes is just a part of the main business and has not really been adopted in large scale by the industry, To contradict myself, they says that NuVinci is in 500,000 bicycles and over the past four years have seen a 500% growth, primarily in Holland and Germany.

Currently Contintental (among others) have licensing rights to use the tech (and have trouble themself to clearly explain it as they want to avoid naming it as NuVinci). Exciting is that it is due out in the integrated Continental ebike motor and gear integrated 48er revolution.

And now it will be known as enviolo.

Bike Eu (European bike trade publication) has an interview with Managing Director David Hancock of Fallbrook Technologies who discusses Nuvinci and Enviolo.

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