new Garmin Etrex GPS 'puters

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new Garmin Etrex GPS 'puters

Postby just4tehhalibut » Wed Sep 02, 2015 4:20 am

I came across this while using my GST-free allowance on an online shop, Garmin had added new models to the Etrex line. No longer just the 10, 20 and 30 there are extended and touchscreen versions of each (and then some). Yes, these are marketed as hiking GPS but if you ride for longer than the average latte-sucking Strava warrior the Etrex 30 gives you better battery life and greater memory than Garmin's Edge and most competitors' GPS computers. If you do Audax you may have seen that Checkpoint magazine Spring 2013 with the picture from the finish of the Tour Divide event, showing Jesse Carlsson's GPS and clocked to 2743 miles - that's what I'm talking about. So ignoring the other models lets look at the new Etrex 30 derivatives.

Etrex 30X - same 2.2 inch screen as the 30 but better resolution. Same mapping and 25 hour battery life as the 30 but 3.7GB built-in memory as opposed to the old 1.7GB. Garmin Connect not available however so not so nice for cyclists.

Etrex Touch 35 - 2.6 inch touch screen and 4GB built-in memory but only 16 hours battery. At least you can change batteries easily.

Etrex Touch 35t - same as the Touch 35 but with 8GB memory and loaded with TOPO US 100K maps.

The models above are linked to the Australian regional webpages for Garmin specs, similar to the US. How I came across these and what confused me was that the European models aren't the same spec. Bike24 is selling the "Etrex Touch 35" except that it is preloaded with the Topo Europe maps and has 8GB memory like the Etrex Touch 35t. Garmin doesn't sell an Etrex Touch 35t in Europe. And their price is about 218 Euros without the VAT (so approx $350) when here it sells for $489 (but with Au/NZ maps at least). Regionally we're getting screwed.

So if you're shopping for a new GPS you'll now feel like an American consumer and spoiled for choice, just don't shop like an American.

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