Garmin Edge 820 ?

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Re: Garmin Edge 820 ?

Postby hez » Tue Oct 11, 2016 9:13 pm

I decided to download the exe installer for windows and use the garmin basecamp / mapinstall for installing the maps into the garmin...
It worked perfectly.
New Garmin! weee! yupi!

First impressions: It's way smaller than my old 810, faster, and i think the screen is quicker.
Seems much better. (my 810 wasn't working good, so I returned it. I bought it from Amazon when I lived in Spain, and they've given me back my money, so I got the 820 for free + extra money)

- Am I a pro / going to race? No.
- What do I want this super-gps for? I don't know the place, I have a terrible sense of direction. I like to save all my statistics and data for wasting my time while I'm not riding.

Do you think it is interesting to have the speed and cadence sensors?
I used to race XC, then DH, 4x, dirt jump, I broke all my bones and spleen, and now I do some amateur enduro racing and mostly just go to ride ... I've been riding on the road consistently for less than two years), so currently my cadence is super precise: "windmill" when sitting or "spanish-inquisition's-rack" when standing.

Is it worthy the speed sensor?


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Re: Garmin Edge 820 ?

Postby biker jk » Thu Dec 01, 2016 3:12 pm

TrevC wrote:I'm really liking the look of the 820, but it feels like Wahoo is shaking things up a bit more with a nicer user interface (purely IMO) than what Garmin typically does. The Garmin unit feels like a slight evolution of the same old thing.

Any of you guys tried the Elemnt in person? Display seems easier to read in sunlight too.

I've had an Elemnt for around six weeks now and I'm very happy with it. The screen is very easy to view in sunlight thanks to the high contrast. Turn-by-turn navigation is excellent. The mobile phone app is excellent and allows effortless changing of data screens.

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