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Postby gus_man » Thu Jun 14, 2007 12:42 pm

Hi everyone , my name is Daniel and im looking to get into road bike riding. I've been riding for about 6 months now unfortunately on an old mountain bike i've had since i was 14! I'm looking to buy a road bike second hand but have no idea what too look for. The intended purpose of this bike will be strictly road riding flat land and hill climbs. Im looking for a bike that will meet these needs and future needs as i become a better rider. As i dont have the money to buy a brand new bike im looking for something second hand , my budget is around $600 , can anyone recommend brands models or anything else that i should look for ?

Thanks in advance , Daniel.

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Postby Aushiker » Thu Jun 14, 2007 1:07 pm

G'day Daniel

New here myself so I won't make any suggestions other than saying I have started riding a Giant CRX 1 flatbar on the road and that style of bike seems to be pretty good.

I have found folks real helpful here so you should get good advice.

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Postby Bnej » Thu Jun 14, 2007 1:27 pm

You can get a new, decent (but not fantastic) drop bar road bike from Cell bikes for that price, if you'd prefer new.

What you want mostly buying second hand is good condition and the right size. Road bikes need to be the right size for you to be comfortable. A good quality carbon fibre or steel fork is (IMO) preferable to an alloy fork as it will damp out vibrations from the road.

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Postby europa » Thu Jun 14, 2007 2:06 pm

Welcome to the madhouse Daniel :D

Unfortunately, your 'intended use' isn't enough for us to start suggesting bikes. Hell, with that we can't even define a TYPE of bike, even your old mtb with slicks will do what you want ... though I fully understand your desire for something better for the road. Sorry you mtb types, but mtb bikes work on the streets but bikes designed for it do it better just as hybrids and touring bikes work on the dirt but an mtb does it better.

$600 isn't a lot to play with. As Bnej suggested, Cell bikes (and maybe a few others) sell new bikes for that. There are hybrids and 'comfort' bikes in that range too - basically, these are bikes with more upright riding positions and they are actually quite capable machines if you aren't after speed.

I sense that you are probably thinking more towards the racer - drop bars and a good turn of speed.

Well, you do NOT have to buy a racing bike to get that - have a trawl of the Trek website for instance (heck, look at all of them - Christopher, the forum host, has a thousand links on this forum's home site http://www.bicycles.net.au/).

Just as there is nothing wrong with wanting to buy a light, skinny wheeled, bare basics racing bike, there is nothing wrong with wanting something a bit more comfy to ride (such as with wider wheels or a less extreme riding position). My personal approach was to buy a touring bike and set it up for around town work. My son's approach was to buy a racing bike and carry a ton of school books in his back pack.

It's about now that 'OMGosh, what have I got myself into' is an appropriate response :wink:

First, you do NOT have to buy from a bike shop, but if you do, the shop will set the bike up for you, make sure it's working and offer some sort of warrantee (especially if new). Most will also give some discount on items bought at the time (and you'll wind up needing extra kit such as pumps, etc) - you will need a fair bit of kit and no a lot of it is cheap (not if you want it to keep working - pumps spring to mind here and you'll need two, one for home and an emergency one on the bike).

However, it is unusual to find second hand bikes in bike shops. Some shops stock a lot, most only offer new.

DO NOT buy off ebay unless you know exactly what it is you are getting. DO NOT be sucked in by some of the amazingly cheap piles or articulated garbage that is sold by many ebay shops - Odin brand springs to mind.
DO NOT buy any bike you can not sit on, fiddle with and take for a ride, be it from ebay, a bike shop or the bloke with all those tattoos and big dog at the end of the street.

Second hand. Ebay (but test ride first), classified adds, Trading post, shop windows, garage sales, etc. All the usual suspects.

Buying second hand gives you the chance of a bargain - the bike bought but not used much for any one of a number of reasons (poor choice being one). You can also pick up eighties racers for some amazing prices.

And that is the route I would suggest for you. Buy an eighties racer, in good nick, for a few hundred bucks. Spend the rest of budget kitting yourself properly. That racer will give you a good six months or more of road riding, allowing you to develop some fitness, some strength, some skills, but more importantly, allowing you to work out exactly what it is you want to do with this bike.

You may find that although the attraction of going for multi hour rides along the coast is alluring, 'she indoors' puts a time limit on your weekend riding. You may find that the whole family gets involved and (not knowing your circumstances), you find your weekend rides taken up by escorting the missus and two kids on their bikes ... at a pace more suited to a hybrid than a full on racing bike. You may find yourself commuting to work and taking the occasional blast on the weekends. You may find yourself joining the local racing club and planning your assault on the criterium season over summer.

Give a cheap(ish) but good quality eighties racer a real hiding for six months, and you'll be ready to spend some money on a new bike, but a bike which you will know from the outset will suit you perfectly.


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Postby senator52 » Thu Jun 14, 2007 2:56 pm

Been in your position before...actually still am :P

Young, tight budget...

If you want to buy new from a local bike store I think that a Giant OCR3 is going to be priced around $795 this year, entry-level roadie certainly what your looking at, but in that case you're going to have to beg your parents to extend your budget. Or you can do what I'm doing, ride a really old roadie you can pick up for cheap ($50 perhaps, maybe even less) til your budget expands then go buy something a little more pricey. I've found either way, riding on something old can is still great fun and it will definitely make you appreciate a nice ride later!

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Postby gururug » Thu Jun 14, 2007 5:02 pm

Option 1 - Get a good quality ancient roadie from ebay ($50-$400)

Option 2 - Get a ok quality second hand newerroadie (ebay) ($400-$900)

Option 3 - Ask around and try to rustle up something at a garage sale or something to tide you over for a few months before you can make up your mind

Option 4 - Do a heck of alot of research and buy an economical new bike ($500-$1800). You will have more choice with this option.

Personally, I think either option 1 or 3 combined with 4 down the track is the best way to go. There's lots to learn when your a newbie and any decision you make will only be justified 6 months or so down the track.

However, I my new roadie weren't as flash I doubt I would have been so enthusiastic to ride it as much as I have. I got a flatbar (hybrid) for 700 dollars a few months before the roadie but only ride it when its raining heaps (4 times) compared to my roadie (100 rides since January).

Asking what bike to buy is like asking someone to tell you what sort of tattoo you should get. There is plenty of good advice but only when YOU are fully informed, experienced and see whats on the market VS your budget, space, terrain, maintenance skills / intentions, love for bling etc. can really know the answer.

Let's hope you don't change your mind about the tattoo

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Postby McPete » Thu Jun 14, 2007 5:35 pm

My dad and picked up a second hand, two or three year old Giant OCR3(base model rercreational racer) for $600 from a bike shop... But then he proceeded to spend another $100 kitting it up with saddle bag, computer and whatnot...

My personal thought is to find an 80s 12 speed racer for near enough to nothing, like this one in the USA:
A name you might consider looking for is Apollo, who made a series of very nice racing bikes in this period(I own one and love it!)

...or buy a modern rendition of such a bike... theCell Bikes S2200 immediately springs to mind.

They're simple bikes, which will get you started. But, look around, find something you like. Have a look, have a feel, have a sit, have a ride. That'll set you rolling in the right direction.

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Postby senator52 » Thu Jun 14, 2007 11:47 pm

Also mate forgot to say, in the coming few months, a lot of LBS (local bike stores) will be having sales to get rid of their 2007 stock to make for the new 2008 models. Great time to get in on a purchase if you're looking to go new, still outside your budget more than likely, but occasionally you may find a bargain. Dont know where you are situated (good idea to put that under your name) but if you live in melbourne then you could have a look at this bike store, their website shows a Scott S60 for $675 down from $1,099, would be a great buy if you could get it. However im actually not sure how up to date the site is...still worth a look if you're in town!

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Postby Mulger bill » Fri Jun 15, 2007 8:37 pm

senator52 wrote:...then you could have a look at this bike store, their website shows a Scott S60 for $675 down from $1,099, would be a great buy if you could get it. However im actually not sure how up to date the site is...still worth a look if you're in town!

Their ad on the back page of todays Herald Sun has a 2007 DBR criterium with Sora for $499.

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