Shoes and pedals for MB road use.

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Shoes and pedals for MB road use.

Postby mactype » Tue Jan 12, 2010 12:53 pm

Last weekend, my wife decided that the hours that I spend on the bike alone is quite unsociable and that she'd accompany me on a M7 pathway ride on her Mountain bike.

Now apart from making me drive the cage to the start on the M7 and really stuffing up my very enjoyable brisk early morning ride by making us turn back after a paltry distance it wasn't too bad (slow but still enjoyable).

Sooo, as a lets see how keen you are on this cycling thing, I've been the ever romantic husband and ordered her some slicks from Wiggle to replace the knobbies and was just considering what pedals and shoes I should look at getting her. If keen we'll get her a road bike in a month or two, so was just thinking that it would be good if they were something that we could transfer to a roadie.

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Re: Shoes and pedals for MB road use.

Postby ryan » Tue Jan 12, 2010 5:45 pm

I use Time Atac Aliums with Shimano SPD-SL shoes. I run them on both my commuter and fixed gear and would highly recommend them, very secure, nice amount of float and I find them easy enough to engage/dissengage. They can be had fairly cheaply at wiggle, but be prepared to pay a premium at your LBS, LBS quoted me $150 and Wiggle was about $70 at the time I purchased.

There are lighter models of the Time Atac but I don't think the cost/benefit in them would be justified.

The other option would be to buy her some nice road pedals to start with, if cycling doesn't turn out to be her thing I'm sure you won't have trouble putting them to good use on that extra bike you've been wanting.....

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