clipless pedals for folding bikes

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clipless pedals for folding bikes

Postby just4tehhalibut » Wed Jan 20, 2010 2:37 am

Just trying to rejig my folding bike as a commuter and was looking around for some folding pedals that are clipless, instead I've come across the next best thing, clipless pedals that clip off the crank.
MKS have their EZY pedal system but the cleat only looks like a Shimano SPD, it is actually a bit oversized and not compatible. They use a locking sleeve rather like a gas fitting. ... 360043864/

Wellgo have a larger range and SPD-compatible pedal, the lock is a pin against the axle and a button that you pull up to remove. ... 5d27b51203

Both use a system where a base is bolted into the crank in place of the pedal then the pedal is just clipped in or out from this, a pushbutton sort of system for release. Neither stick out from the crank any further (the 'Q' factor) than any normal pedal. The base is able to be used with other pedals in their removable ranges so if you want platforms instead of clipless one day you just swap them over and without tools. Or if you lock your bike up you can remove the pedals before you leave, making the bike less rideable for any thief. I'll be using mine for commuting, into bags without bits sticking out. I went for the Wellgo clipless, mainly as I use SPDs already but also as I got them cheap one day ($25 off Ebay). Lets see if they can handle the abuse.

Anybody else see anything like these? Actual folding clipless would be ideal for the folding bike.

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Re: clipless pedals for folding bikes

Postby gene » Tue Feb 02, 2010 4:57 pm

how about trying the egg beaters?
very easy to clip on and its pretty low profile.

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