Help me find a Newbie Road Bike!

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Help me find a Newbie Road Bike!

Postby crae » Sat Jan 30, 2010 6:20 pm

Hello all,

I am new to the forum and to road bikes. I have mainly been riding mountain and trail bikes my whole life. As the topic sugests I am keen to by a half decent entry level road bike. My plan is to do a few small tri's and to commute to work (50km round trip) 2 -3 times per week. :)

I have done alot of research and test ridden a few bikes and I have nutted it out to the following 3 bikes: (Man there are some bikes out there!)

1. 2010 Malvern Star Oppy A4 ($1444 - with shoes, pedals & water cages)
2. 2009 Giant Alliance RRP $2799 - reduced to $1900 with shoes and pedals.
3. 2010 Avanti Vivace $1799 (with $450 worth of extras i.e specilized helmet & shoes, and riding gear)

Othe options in the price range but not ridden are :
1. 2010 Merida 903 $1400 bike only
2. 2009 Orbea Aspin $1500
3. 2010 Trek 1.5 $1799

I really liked the ride of the Avanti and the M/Star. I felt the Giant was a bit twitchy in the steering. The big benefit with the avanti is the deal inc $450 worth of extras. This is my pick of the bunch at the moment.

Any feedback on any of these bikes.


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