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New Bike - recommendations welcome

Posted: Fri Aug 10, 2007 9:27 pm
by CoffeeNut
Right - looks like my son may snitch the new Trek Pilot 1.2 - it fits him better than anything else we have tried thus far. Bugger.

If I was gunna spend, say, up to $2700 on a new road bike for ME (just the bike - no accessories), what would you recommend??

Posted: Fri Aug 10, 2007 10:08 pm
by Bnej
How do you want to ride it? $2700 gives you a LOT of choices.

I think the Trek 5000 is an awesome looking road bike, I ride with a couple of people who have them. OCR composite series are pretty nice and a bit more relaxed.

Or you could get a steel frame, or a really swish aluminium/carbon racer.

Posted: Fri Aug 10, 2007 11:57 pm
by Wanta-bike
depends on what u want, alum frame w/carbon fork and rear seat stay w/a fairly high end groupset; or do u go the full carbon option?

i was in ur situation a while back: ended up spendin about as much as u, on an Azzurri Forza full carbon frame w/ultegra groupset

melb bicycle centre has a pretty schmick shogun team issue roadie w/ultegra - carbon for and seat stay for about $1800 which i contemplated for a while.

as Bnej said, the giant OCR series has a bit to offer as well. tho i couldn't pick the difference in geometry in their "relaxed" frames (tho coming from mtb'ing, pretty much every road bike feels the same....)

if u can do an "extended" test ride(ie: not just around the car park, at least anhour or so) do it, as u'll get a more of a feel of the bike and what feels good for u. anywho, good luck with it all

Posted: Sat Aug 11, 2007 12:25 pm
by Kalgrm
What would I recommend? Well, $2700 buys you a Bacchetta Giro 26. It's the bike I bought for me. (Recumbent tourer/commuter/all-round-cool bike)

However, I know nothing about how you plan to ride so you may as well ignore me. :wink:


Posted: Sat Aug 11, 2007 4:17 pm
by CoffeeNut
thanks for all the comments - the Trek5000 worked out well - suits me to a tee!!

Posted: Sat Aug 11, 2007 5:57 pm
by thm
So you bought a Trek 5000 already?

It's been less than a day since your first post requesting recommendations. Jeez that was fast, love your work though. :lol:

I guess when you know, you just know.

Posted: Sat Aug 11, 2007 8:19 pm
by CoffeeNut
end of season run-out - good price - well appointed for the price - rode it and loved the feel - it seemed to 'fit' very well:)
Now the fun starts. (grin)

Posted: Sat Aug 11, 2007 9:05 pm
by bigbuzz73
Looks like I'm too late to state the obvious.... get a Bianchi! :D
(But the Trek sure is cool!)

Posted: Sat Aug 11, 2007 9:18 pm
by CoffeeNut
perhaps next :)