MTB pedals for road bike

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MTB pedals for road bike

Postby fobfob » Sun Sep 30, 2007 8:37 pm

Hi everyone, I just bought my first road bike. I'm using flats while I work out what pedals to buy.

Currently I have an MTB with SPD pedals & shoes. They seem ok to me. Is there any reason why road style pedals are preferred for road bikes? I'm talking about physical considerations, not fashion.

As far as I can see, weight is not the issue. For example at one online shop I have seen titanium MTB pedals for under $130 at weigh only 220g per pair. To get something that light for a road bike will cost at least $200 and that's at another discount online store. In fact, generally the road pedals I've seen are actually heavier than most non-cage MTB pedals.

My understanding is that road style cleated shoes, whether shimano, look or whatever, apart from the obligatory additional expense are harder to walk in too.

So can anyone think of a reason to not use MTB pedals on a road bike? Apart from vanity/fashion etc.

Thanks. BTW the bike is fast and a (suprisingly) silky smooth ride. The MTB will be on ebay soon!

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Postby Bnej » Sun Sep 30, 2007 9:26 pm

I am currently using M520 MTB pedals on my road bike. There's nothing wrong with doing this, it's fine for most riders.

Road pedals provide a more stable and secure platform to pedal on, which is practical if you are really pulling the pedals around. I have been having problems with my SPD pedals on the road bike where I will occasionally feel the cleat moving around or starting to disengage, and I have accidentally pulled out of a pedal twice. This mucks it up if you're trying to pull a big gear on a climb.

On an MTB you don't generally haul the pedal around in the same way and I have never had this problem riding my MTB.

BTW If you're thinking about the Xpedo SPD compatible pedals, read some reviews before you get them, they are not very durable. (hence the adage: cheap, strong, light - pick two)

In summary - if you have SPD shoes & cleats then just get some SPD pedals for now. If down the track you find you're not feeling stable enough in the pedal, then think about road pedals.

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Postby europa » Sun Sep 30, 2007 10:41 pm

It's recently been discussed in MTB-style Pedals

so I'll close this thread and direct the converstion there (just to keep it all in one place).

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