Making sense of Shimano compatability guide

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Making sense of Shimano compatability guide

Postby crog » Mon Oct 01, 2007 7:32 pm ... ility.html

OK guys,

New to this road bike game and as some know building a bike based around a resurecting a reynolds 531 Cecil Wlaker frame (that is if I get the frame bake from Paconi some time soon)

To date I have sourced the following parts of the group set predominately from ebay:

Ultegra RD-6500 Rear derailer
Ultegra FD-6500 front derailer
Ultegra BR-6500Brakes
Dura Ace Cables and Down tube adjusters

and some other bits like Campage Heatset, seatpost etc.

The problem is I can't make heads or tails of the compatability chart. There are a number of 10 speed Ultegra Hollotec cranks floating around ebay as well as 105 series

Is the FC-6600 10 speed Ultegra crank compatable with these derailures as I am looking to pick them up if a good price but I am am happy with 105 cranks which seem to be doing the rounds ie) FC5502 if I can get them. Ultimately I am now looking at a 9 speed and need to source a cluster, crankset as well as shifters and foir the purpose of this bike I am happy with 105 shofters and cranks but I want to make sure they are compatible.

Are there any simple rules or am I now stuck waiting for 9 speed Ultegra cranks, shifters & cluster


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Postby europa » Mon Oct 01, 2007 7:35 pm

Cue rants about modern marketing policies, (which are an utter disgrace) :?

Dunno if this will help or not:
Road Components Database

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