ebay wheels

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ebay wheels

Postby stryker84 » Tue Oct 09, 2007 2:36 am

just doing my usual ebay window shopping...

what are people's opinions on either of these wheels from this seller?

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Postby europa » Tue Oct 09, 2007 10:43 am

They are pick up only mate, so go have a look at them. There is always a 'genuine reason' for selling something, and sometimes it's 'I'm upgrading to something else because I've ruined these'.

Spin them - they need to spin smoothly and with no wobble. Run a key around the spokes to check for tension. You know all that anyway, but anything you find that's funny might just need adjustment (eg grease in a bearing) or it might be more horrible and that's what would bring the price down for me - you won't know until you start doing the work.

Check the rims for damage - brake damage especially - maybe they don't have a lot of life left. And remember Toolonglegs' wheels with the cracked rims? Eyeballing the rider and his bike won't hurt either, it'll give you an idea as to whether he looks after his gear or abuses it.

I stripped the hub on my second hand track wheels the first time I used them, so I'm probably a bit gun shy at the moment.

As for the wheels themselves - Ritchy make a good product and the others didn't sound too bad. Check them out new in the shops or online for new prices, that'll aid with your pricing, but I'm afraid I can't offer any comments beyond that as I don't have any experience there.

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