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Re: prescription Sunglasses

Postby Davetherake » Thu Feb 07, 2013 2:04 am

Hello all,

I'm sorry I bring this topic back after a whole year, I beg your pardon in advance.

I'm Spanish, so I'm sorry for misspelling and grammatical mistakes.

I'd like to ask you if you know whether prescription lenses clip from a BBB powerview is compatible with the new Optiview sunglasses. I've read from your comments that colour lenses aren't compatible, but what about the clip?

I've been using the powerview since 2005 and appart some scratches on the external lenses as well as the frame, nothing wrong went on with them. But a few days ago I placed them on a bag and black left lense was tore on where it is inserted. After that I've found that powerview was no longer on stock, and can't find replacement lenses either.

Thanks in advance and again, forgive me for givin this thread back to life after so much.


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