Fuji crank upgrade

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Fuji crank upgrade

Postby DANger-is » Wed Oct 17, 2012 12:43 am

I have a Fuji 2009 and I've done about 4000km on it.

ATM it has a non specified shimano crank on it. I've been told by one of the guys at the local cycle club that the bike is due for a new cassette, chain and front sprockets.

So the local shop quoted me $350 for non shimano stuff but I was thinking of upgrading to the ultegra or dura ace at the same time and having a go at installing the pieces myself

Will any crank and bottom bracket fit?

Should I be looking for 175mm length?

Also, I'm starting my training for the 150km hills ride next may in Perth so was thinking of changing from the compact to the standard. What ratios should I be running on the rear cassette?


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