Gitane Mach 1600 2005 - Can anyone help?

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Gitane Mach 1600 2005 - Can anyone help?

Postby ThePom » Wed Oct 24, 2012 8:55 pm

Hi All.. I am a total beginner (except cycling as a kid, but now in 40's!), and have somehow managed to get myself into the Syd-Gong ride to help raise funds for MS. I have been training for a few weeks n a borrowed bike, but am now enjoying my rides so much that I am going to be sorry to have to hand the bike back after the Gong ride!
So I started looking! I have found a Gitane Mach 1600 2005 road bike, with 9 speed Tiagra gearset & flightdeck (which I assume is the flick type levers?) advertised within my limited budget. Could anyone help as to wheteher this would be a good entry level bike, and offer any other advice in relation to what I should be looking out for? I have checked & the frame size is 53, which I am told would suit my 5'11 frame :|
Thanks heaps in advance for your help......
PS - I should add that I am trying here as I think google is sick of me searching for reviews (and I can't seem to find anything!)

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Re: Gitane Mach 1600 2005 - Can anyone help?

Postby A_P » Wed Oct 24, 2012 11:26 pm

Hi, and welcome to the forum.
A 53cm might be a bit small for you. I am 6'1" and ride about a 57-58cm
check this out for a sizing calculator

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Re: Gitane Mach 1600 2005 - Can anyone help?

Postby cherrycam » Wed Oct 24, 2012 11:34 pm

Hi ThePom,

I have Gitane Mach 1600 from 2002/3 and the bike has been quite good. I have done over 40,000km on it, used mainly as a commuter and also weekend/event rides.

My seat pole broke the other day, which didn't cause me any physical grief. I do have a pannier connected to my seat pole and it also happened when I pushed back into my seat....Got a steel one on now.

The original wheels lasted a pretty long time (Alex rims I think). It is probably worth asking about how many km's it's done, and given the age looking at it for wear and tear - then again some of these things just sit in the garage. You could end up with a really good bike.

I can't really help with the sizing, other than to say I'm 6'1 and I'm pretty sure mine is a 56. You have to go for a ride on the bike...and hopefully have someone with you who knows something about it.

How much is the bike?


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Re: Gitane Mach 1600 2005 - Can anyone help?

Postby Bentnose » Thu Oct 25, 2012 7:54 am

A 53cm sounds a bit small for someone 5'11", I'm 6' and take a 56cm but I have been told I could ride a smaller size due to excellent flexibility. Even if it seems alright you would need to try some bikes of other sizes to get an idea of what feels more comfortable before buying something that may be the wrong size.
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Re: Gitane Mach 1600 2005 - Can anyone help?

Postby ThePom » Thu Oct 25, 2012 6:40 pm

Thanks HEAPS for the advice guys..... And so glad that you suffered no physical grief Cameron, cos that sounds nasty!

I have taken your advice & am keeping looking for a larger size. From the calculator that you kindly posted, and a visit to LBS, I believe that I will be in search of a 56cm frame. I have seen great reviews on the Specialiazed Allez Sports 2012, though there don't seem to be any advertised locally.

The bike I am currently borrowing for the gong ride is a 47.5cm frame Apollo with flat bars, and I have done several 40km + rides without feeling uncomfortable :) I have my eye on a 54cm Specialiazed Allez bike on eBay, currently at $350 & finishing Saturday which looks the goods & comes with lights, bottle holder & spare tube - other than that it will be more begging to the boss & see if she will increase my budget to let me get a Specialized Secteur Sport Compact 2011, which seems to have very similar specs to the Allez Sport 2012 for $999. ... /100381718

If I get the go-ahead on this one, I'm sure it will be breakfasts in bed & extra cleaning duties for weeks if not months..... Any opinions as to if this is a sensible selection given the extra workload to get the budget passed by the domestic parliament would be greatly appreciated :?

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