After a decent starter bike.

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After a decent starter bike.

Postby johnyd » Fri Oct 26, 2012 7:58 pm

I'm thinking about getting into bike riding for fitness. It has been over 10 years since I've ridden much but I used to love it, up until the point where fitness and growth meant my old bike was too small and I wasn't interested in a new one. My outlook has changed over the last year and a bit however, and I'm really wanting to get into great physical shape.

I am 196cm tall, 118kg (down from 156kg last year yay!)

I'm after a Hard-tail MTB and my budget is around the $500 mark. I have read the FAQ and know it states not to go under $800, but $500 is the amount I can justify when I don't really know if I'll really get the bug or not, surely a $500 bike is better than no bike.

Usage will mostly be around the family farm, plenty of space for a learner and a variety of terrain from flats to "hills" I don't even like going up on a motorbike. Eventually it might be used to ride the 35km to town, but if I manage to build my confidence to that I'd probably have the bug enough that I'd get another bike if I felt it wasn't suitable, funds permitting.

I'll be getting it from the LBS and went down there today to have a look.

They had a Marin Pioneer Trail, that I think had 26" wheels that felt pretty comfortable, but the bloke said that they should be getting stock of a couple of Malvern Star and Haro MTB's in my size and price bracket next week. Namely the Switch 29-3 and 29-5 in the MS and FL29ONE, FL29TWO and FL29Sport in Haro.

Looking at their specs it seems they all have pretty much the same things on them, but I have no idea what any of it really means when it comes to bikes.

If I ignore the Marin and FL29one having 21 gears vs 24 on the rest it seems that the main difference is the brakes.

The FL29one has the clampy* brakes (what's the real name BTW) (~$80 less)
The 29-3, Marin and FL29Two have Disc brakes ($500)
The 29-5 and FL29Sport have Hydraulic brakes (~$100 more)

Any comments on these?

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