Fitty Fatty Fun

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Fitty Fatty Fun

Postby BassRogue » Sat Nov 10, 2012 11:56 pm

Hi I'm noob here, after some informed advice because I dunno sweet FA. My religion is guitars and computers not bikes, and I'm not looking to be converted by fanatics just yet.
Points to consider
    My budget is $400 (xmas pressie), no more
    I weigh 105Kgs and looking to shed some (I'm IT my work is sitting at computers mainly)
    Got 2 small children who are at an age to be encouraged to learn to ride (want them to see Daddy doing it and ask if they can too)
    I live in rural NSW, we have a semi-arid flatland state forest (Pilliga)to our south and beautiful Mt range (Mt Kaputar) to our east
    We have 1 "sport" shop that sells ridiculously overpriced everything, and staff who know not much about a range of things
    I've been studying this forum and non-supermarket HT's in my range for about a day non stop
My intention is to first of all get a bit fitter just by riding local area (flat, roads, round the block/few blocks etc). When feeling like my fitness and endurance are up, maybe do some longer stretches in the forest trails, and later some mountain trails (by this time though it will be likely I'm more converted and looking at better bikes than <$400). I understand the 1st commandment here is to try before you buy for a noob, but see my points and I hope you understand why this is difficult.

Correct me if I'm wrong here, according to this chart I would need approximately a 16-18" frame? I'm 173-174cm Height, and 76cm inseam according to that.

Ok so this is what I've found:
Polygon Premier 3.0 delivered for $398
Hasa Comp 1.0 delivered $397.27
Silverback Stride delivered $362.73

Are these good starters? Which is better (the Hasa reviewed well here, can't find one for the Polygon, but its outright price is more expensive, although the Hasa is said to be feature rich)? Can you recommend something in this range considering shipping to rural NSW? Silverback is minus disc brakes but has lockout fork. As mentioned in points it will be mainly road and some light flat dirt tracks to hopefully build an appetite to progress further.

Note: Please please don't reply with "if you just spend this much more you can get xxxx" I see it so much in forums where people ask for best CPU/Motherboard/Ram/Graphics Card/etc/etc for $xxx. It's a pet hate of mine.

EDIT: 11/11/12 2pm, added Silverback
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Re: Fitty Fatty Fun

Postby foo on patrol » Sun Nov 11, 2012 7:21 am

Good on you for wanting to get out with your kids firstly and secondly getting some of the weight off. 8)

I like the warranty on the Poly. Sorry I'm not up to date with all the new stuff these days.

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Re: Fitty Fatty Fun

Postby bychosis » Sun Nov 11, 2012 8:56 am

It may be worth a trip to a bike shop, I understand you are in a rural area, but if you can get there as a side trip to something else would be good. Even the local ovpriced sport shop might be able to give you an idea what size is right if they have one on the floor. Alternatively do you oknow anyone else with a bike (but not kmart bike) you could try for size. I only suggest this for you to get a feel for the size before laying down the hard earned.

It sounds as though you have done research and the size you have stated is probably right.
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Re: Fitty Fatty Fun

Postby il padrone » Sun Nov 11, 2012 9:53 am

People down in Coonabarabran might be able to help you out a bit. Seems they organise a ride about once a month. Maybe there is even a better bike shop there for advice, sizing?

......maybe not :|
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Re: Fitty Fatty Fun

Postby BassRogue » Mon Nov 12, 2012 11:33 pm

I'm pretty close to pulling the trigger on the Poly, aside from features and the bike itself I'm pretty impressed with the stated and so far provided service. The website provides its own vids to assemble, states and vids they give the bike a good going over and service before sending it off, provide a few needed tools, and ship for free to almost anywhere but a wombats den. I've also been emailing questions and they reply promptly. Oh and they include a 14 day test ride. If its not right i can just rebox it and it goes back to them at no expense to me.

And as foo pointed out the warranty on both frame and parts looks good. Also thanks for the link and info padrone, you obviously went out of your way and took a bit of time to find localised info for a noob :o

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Re: Fitty Fatty Fun

Postby moosterbounce » Tue Nov 13, 2012 3:47 pm

I was reading a recent review of a Polygon (can't remember model I'm afraid) but it was a really good review. They aren't a supercheap frame manufacturer - there is pedigree in their years of experience. I'll have a further look to see what I can find. I've been reading the latest bicycling aust mag so may have been there uat don't quote me :)

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