Road Shoes? Sydney shopping

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Re: Road Shoes? Sydney shopping

Postby Baalzamon » Fri Dec 21, 2012 7:00 pm

Well either I get mine right, or I'm going to settle with something to tide me over for a year then look at full custom. Bont full custom is a big :?: Might look at Zerocompromise as well
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Re: Road Shoes? Sydney shopping

Postby humanbeing » Fri Dec 21, 2012 8:10 pm

Baalzamon wrote:Ah glad someone has got there Bont right.
Mine are going to undergo heat molding either until I'm happy or not. I've got new Bont Vaypor XC which I will return and get a refund for if I'm not happy with the Bont Vaypor's

Out of the box the shoes felt pretty good but I heat moulded anyway. After a decent ride there was pressure on the bunion on my right foot so I recooked and used a spacer which I shaped from an acrylic rod rounded at both ends and the length of the width of my foot jammed in the shoe sideways.
This fixed the bunion pressure but caused another issue because putting the spacer in use diagonally had narrowed the shoe so there was pressure on the outside of my foot.
Another cook and using the spacer flat across the sole of the shoe got back the width without reintroducing the bunion pressure and hey presto the right shoe fits well.
My left foot is smaller and not so malformed so there were never any issues.
I consider the outcome pretty lucky but the heat moulding is pretty good and can change fit significantly - really work it, I left the spacer in for hours.
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