comments on this mountain bike please...

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comments on this mountain bike please...

Postby slamtheman » Thu Dec 06, 2012 7:33 pm

I am a seasoned roadie and commute on it every day and also weekends for fun so am well upto date on road bike frames, wheels and specs however....I need a mountain bike to get started into some off road stuff, and to cycle with my family. I am generally not a lover of Gold Cross Cycles but a new branch has opened and I saw this special today and want to know what everybody thinks and if its worth a purchase!!! I was going originally for a 29er hardtail as they are apparently faster and seem to negotiate rocks and obstacles better than a 26inch (not sure about that), unfortunately this bike is a 26inch version. I assume shops are struggling to sell 26 inch bikes now, as 29ers is the way forward. hence the big discount....

Its was up for $1199 and is now $499 seems a good Deore XT spec to me at first glance.

Although reviews seem good. I'd love to know everyones opinion (or if i should wait for a bargain 29er and/or if its worth getting I would rather buy sooner than later before they are all gone!!! some alternatives would be helpful for comparison too.

Thanks Heaps!

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Re: comments on this mountain bike please...

Postby Bentnose » Fri Dec 07, 2012 4:21 pm

Looks like a bargain to me provided its the right size. I've always liked GT's and the frame is good enough to upgrade in the future. Don't know about shops struggling to sell 26ers, last I heard they still outsell 29ers by a considerable margin. I know a couple of people who have gone back to 26ers as they didn't like the slower acceleration in stop start situations. From what I've heard 29ers are better at rocks and obstacles but 26ers are better in tight and twisty situations so you'd think certain obstacles will be better on a 26er. I've already decided ny next bike will probably be a 26er.
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