Custom Cycling Jerseys?

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Custom Cycling Jerseys?

Postby MDL » Thu Dec 13, 2012 2:55 pm

Hey guys,

Just want to see if anyone has created a custom cycling jersey and if so what company did you go though? I run my own business (myselve) and was thinking about doing a jersey up for my business.

I can design it, but the ones that i have designed online never look "quite right"

Wondering if anyone can give some feed back? Only want to do 1 to start off with to see how it goes.


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Re: Custom Cycling Jerseys?

Postby AUbicycles » Thu Dec 13, 2012 4:25 pm

The BNA jerseys were done by Tineli. There are some companies that do cheaper kit though I was prepared pay more for a higher quality and reliable service (eg. on time, on budget, no funny business, no design mistakes, proper size fits, well made). I did the design on this though obviously they lay-it-up and their feedback was invaluable to ensuring that the design would work. We went for a few extra's such as flatloc stitching and reflective piping on the rear plus the 'pro-bands' on the bib-knicks which are really good. Have a chat to Jono from Tineli, tell them Christopher from BNA sent you, but also shop around and compare.

From experience, make sure you retain the design copyright (which won't normally give you access to the original digital files) and check on the reputation of each company - I have found some companies who I respectfully wont name promise everything but then go over time, stuff around with costs (so you pay more than you thought) and also make design mistakes which they should have spotted and called to your attention.

As a note - you may not be able to get a single kit made up, or it would be unreasonably expensive as the setup time is still required, so the more you order, the lower the price. Some companies have a seperate setup fee so lets say you pay $250 for setup and then $100 for a single jersey, that is expensive. (especially if you then do a second run with design changes and a new setup fee). Better is to coordinate design and carefully check the proofs then produce the quantity you want.




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Re: Custom Cycling Jerseys?

Postby boss » Thu Dec 13, 2012 6:21 pm

I ordered a one off kit from nimblewear. Designed myself using their PDF template in illustrator

Was $250 delivered for their highest spec jersey and bib combo. You can get one off for under $200 with lower spec materials and construction. And as Chris said, cheaper as you make more.

I guess I took a punt on them - $250 is not cheap, obviously... But they seem to be taking it pretty seriously - they've got an Aussie office, stands at Ausbike and Interbike. And if its good kit, I won't be ordering team stuff ever again!

As far as customer service goes... I ordered my gear under 2 weeks ago, is being shipped from China today. Their designer initially put some big nimblewear logos on there, but I asked for them to be removed and ended up with two small circular logos (one on jersey, one on shorts) which I believe is par for the course with custom kit.

And for those reading at home, nimblewear are the guys that facilitate CE's one off jersey program.

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