which vintage style bike?

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which vintage style bike?

Postby PolkaDot » Sat Dec 15, 2012 7:14 pm

I've been looking for a vintage style bike but have no idea how much to spend or whats right for me.

road bike to take out on weekends to the park or down to the shops. Something thats comfortable, easy to ride, reliable and I can ride while wearing a dress.
I'm 165cm tall and fairly light so prefer a bike that I can handle easily and isnt too heavy. I understand that weight comes with the territory through.

up to $900 - but should i spend that much or can i get away with a $500 bike?

So far Ive had a test ride on:
lekker double dutch - https://lekkerbikes.com.au/shop/double-dutch-cream/ - too heavy to handle
Metropolitan bikes dutchie - http://www.metropolitanbikes.com.au/sho ... ch-city-89 - found the frame too large and they only make one size
papillionaire sommer - http://www.papillionaire.com.au/ourbikes/ - uncomfortable saddle and just didnt feel right
Viva Juliett - link below - fell in love. It was at the upper end of my budget ($1099 - salesman brought it down to $800 if i bought the store model) and I decided to look around some more.

Here are the ones I'm considering at the moment but I'm open to any other suggestions:
http://www.urbanbicycles.com.au/product ... lverstone/
http://www.velosophy.bikeit.com.au/bicy ... /102105454
http://www.bikes.com.au/p/8485545/xds-n ... adies.html
http://www.italianbicycles.com.au/vinta ... cycle.html

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Re: which vintage style bike?

Postby TDC » Sun Dec 16, 2012 1:07 am

easy - Viva Juliett. the one you "fell in love" with. Go with what you feel.

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