Selling 2012 Merida Carbon T5 Speeder

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Selling 2012 Merida Carbon T5 Speeder

Postby Blackrock » Mon Dec 24, 2012 11:57 am

Hi all,
After 12 months of riding my Merida 2012 Carbon T5 speeder, I'm looking to upgrade to the 2013 model. So I'm looking to sell it. It's a 55cm. I'm 1.80m.

It has been serviced every 4 months at Blackman Cycles Parramatta and has been well looked after. The OEM prologo male proforma saddle is unused, as are the OEM peddles. The gears are still crisp and the brakes still ahve heaps of wear in them. The frame has one minor paint chip that was done by Blackman when they put it together. Tyres are still in good nick too.

It has done anywhere between 2000-3000km (my odometer spent quite a bit of time not working too) this year in mostly dry conditions. Had plenty of issues that prevented me from riding as much as I liked this year such as operations, sports injuries and time away with work.

PM me if you'd be interested and I can send some specific pictures. Also, make an offer and I'll see if it is a fair price. RRP is $3000 new.

there is a video of the bike here;

Bike: 2014 Merida Cyclocross 5

Find me on youtube and FB page; Merida Test Rider-Commuter Bikes.

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Re: Selling 2012 Merida Carbon T5 Speeder

Postby AUbicycles » Mon Dec 24, 2012 12:58 pm

Can you check out the marketplace - this is where members can offer other members (private sales) cycling equipment they wish to sell, please take note of the rules for selling in the marketplace.

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