Camelbak bottles - Which Cage?

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Re: Camelbak bottles - Which Cage?

Postby takai » Thu Mar 28, 2013 6:27 pm

Dr_Mutley wrote:
biker jk wrote:
g-boaf wrote:Revisiting this - the Camelbak Podiums I got the other day from City Bike Depot in Kent Street fit the Elite Custom Race bidon cages perfectly, yet my other Camelbak Podiums (branded by another LBS) don't fit well at all. Age perhaps...

I find that the Podium fits into the Elite Custom Race cage nicely but the Big Chill version is a little tight.

Hmmmm I am surprised by this... Can someone link me to these "tight" Elite custom race cages?

I've got them and I find them a LOOSE fit with my podium chills. To demonstrate I could wheel my bike along on its back wheel and the cage mounted on the seat post will allow the podium chill to simply slide out!

I've got the black gloss n white cages here and they are loose as! ... ottle-cage

On the flipside i have the Jetblack cages (which are identical to the Elite ones) and its quite a tight fit for my Podium bottles.

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