Carbon Disc rotors

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Re: Carbon Disc rotors

Postby MichaelB » Thu Mar 28, 2013 2:14 pm

Here is a bit more info on the carbon/ceramic disc rotor that jacks1071 mentioned from the Taipei show ;

Ceramic-Carbon fiber Brake disc
Ceramic-Carbon fiber Brake disc This disc is used for disc type brake system of bicycle。In order to replace the general steel disc , lighten weight and change the brake characteristic. The disc plate made of carbon fiber with high-thermal resin ( about 300℃ , used in the airplane industry) . The carbon fibre disc has high strength ,but does not resisting detritions of friction. So on circumference and brake pad contacted of the disc, imbed the ceramic (aluminium oxide , zirconium oxide , silicon carbide…). As the brake, brake pad keeps in touch and rubs with ceramic , not touch with the carbon fibre , and then reach the brake result. This ceramic-carbon fiber brake disc has already pass EUROPEAN STANDARD-Brake safety requirements and test methods( EN14764)。 Find in testing,the brake curve of ceramic and brake pad, the linear characteristic is very good, there are not lock dies curve of general steel disc. It is thermally inert, meaning it does not expand and contract as all metal rotors do. There is no heat-induced stress distortion on the disc. These brake characteristic is available instantly: There is no warm-up needed _ No matter it is hot or cold, under the moist or dry environment.

Here is a link to a youtube video of the EN14764 tests

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