Can I add drop bars to this bike?

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Can I add drop bars to this bike?

Postby SG89 » Sat May 18, 2013 10:13 pm

Today i upgraded from my flat bar to an entry level road bike, but now my girlfriend also wants a new bike just because I got one. She likes the drop bars and finds them more comfortable than her flat bar.

She only rides around her area which has a bike/footpath that goes through the suburb, no steep hills or any serious riding.

She has a 2010 apollo allegro, Here are the specs from there website

Crankset Shimano M191 - 170mm 28T X 38T X 48T
F.Derailleur Shimano C102
R.Derailleur Shimano RD2200
Shift Levers Shimano EF-60 EZ FIRE 24 speed
Freewheel Shimano HG50 8 speed cassette 12-25T

I was thinking maybe I could just get her a drop bar and also a shimano 2300 STI Triple 8 Speed Road Lever Set.

I just wasn't sure if there would be anything else needed to convert? Would I need new derailleurs to suit, or will everything still work with the 8 speed setup? Was hoping maybe you guys could give me an idea. Also im guessing I could just bring these parts to a local bike store and get them to install them for us?


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Re: Can I add drop bars to this bike?

Postby MattyK » Sun May 19, 2013 7:15 pm

No reason why you can't do it. I'm looking at doing basically the same thing on my Avanti Blade 8.

Most flat bars are longer in the frame than a comparable road bike, so you will probably want a shorter stem to compensate. You might need a new stem anyway based on the different bar diameters (you probably have a 25.4mm bar, drop bars in this size are rare. Most road bars now are 31.8mm)

The Tektro RX-1s are compatible with road levers so all is good there, you'll just need new cables. Might need an inline cable adjuster though, as neither end will have a barrel adjuster. (usually found at the lever when using V brakes, or at the caliper when using drop levers)

Talk to the shop first, make sure they're happy to work with you supplying parts. Should be no reason they wouldn't be, but you want them to be happy about it. You of course accept responsibility if the parts don't fit/work together.

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