Trp brakes, your opinions requested. Help me build my bike.

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Trp brakes, your opinions requested. Help me build my bike.

Postby Dimis » Wed Jul 17, 2013 8:18 pm

(Sorry moderators - Im newish here. Not sure if this belongs here, so if required, please move to where appropriate. Thx)

First world problems and would appreciate your collective opinions.
So I'm inviting you to help me spend my money. :)

I've just gone and pulled the trigger and upgraded my "workhorse" bike with a new fork and from the old sram red Groupset to the new 2013 10-speed edition, elevating it to my new/old 1st bike. :) ... KoQ3JDdT_0

So far I'm super impressed with the performance of the new Red when I tested it on a mates bike, but not over the moon about its looks. I've already changed out the chain rings for some rotor Qrings. Trying to go for that satin black stealth look.

And now was considering what to do about brakes.

Should I:
1. Pull the trigger on a set of black trp brakes - if so which ones? Trp 970sl?,
2. Swap the sram red/black calipers of my other bike, or
3. leave them as they are, and just run with the 2013 shinny aluminium sram brakes?

Ps- I'll preface this and admit to you all that even a rival or 105 groupset is more than sufficient for my kind of fair weather cafe riding. But just like Porsches and Ferraris, not all of them are raced, most are purely for aesthetic fulfilment. I like to think my bikes fit into this category. :lol:
...and my ego knows it. :lol:

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Re: Trp brakes, your opinions requested. Help me build my bi

Postby stanzarallyman » Wed Jul 24, 2013 10:54 pm

TRP stands for Tektro Racing Products. So If you think TRP are the Porsche and Ferrari of the cycling world think again, more like a Toyota, I mean Lexus.

I've got tektro brake levels on my bike and think they are fine. Some people have a problem with the brakes but I'd change the pads before I changed anything else.

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