Secondhand Bikes

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Secondhand Bikes

Postby cludence » Fri Jan 05, 2007 6:36 pm

Hi Guys,

I wasnt sure whether to post this in the retro section or here but noticed there is often people in this section asking questions about which bike to get so I figured I may as well post here.

I am near Parramatta in Sydney and always have a supply of secondhand adult bikes, childrens bikes and parts available should anyone need them. Obviously I dont have your high quality bikes and parts but for those people who are looking into riding and have yet to decide which bike to buy or cannot afford a bike, I do have ones that will get you started in the interim. Additionally for those people who fix up older bikes as a hobby, I do get older bikes in so often have spare components and bikes as well. (No I dont often get old campag or magistroni components in, so please dont ask.) Mostly I get your old suntour, shimano, weinman, araya, sugino, biopace, tourney etc. I dont charge money for these items, I am happy for them to be used. Obviously if people wish, they are welcome to bring parts to exchange as I can always make use of seats, tyres, pedals, bells etc. These bikes are secondhand, so are not new. You would need to be willing to get your hands dirty to check them over as I do not have time to repair every bike that comes in. Somes bikes may need a simple tyre replaced, or it could be a road bike frame that needs to be put back together. So yes it can be time consuming but if your option is no bike at all, it is a great way to learn about bikes and get you back cycling. These are not bikes that will get you cycling across Australia but if you are looking for a basic commuter or an interim bike, they are an option. There are many groups that recycle bikes so if it is something you are interested in and not located near me go to and look under bike recycling links.



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