Advice wanted - commuter, Apollo Trace 45 or 55?

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Advice wanted - commuter, Apollo Trace 45 or 55?

Postby DemonLover » Mon Sep 04, 2017 1:09 pm

Hi all,

After commuting on a Bianchi carbon road bike with a heavy backpack to work and back for 3 years, my shoulders had had enough and I decided to get a commuter with comfy geometry and mount panniers. Two weeks ago I went with the Apollo Trace 45, and so far my back and shoulders are thanking me for it! :)

However, I'm not loving the 8 speed IGH (not enough gears for hills - I'm in Melbourne and yes there's the odd hill!) and I'm also not loving cable disc brakes. Being a MTBer with a decent MTB, I'm used to hydrolics and going back isn't much fun.

I'm thinking about swapping the Trace 45 for its more sophistocated sibling, the Trace 55. However, I'd have to pay the difference of over $1000.

I've never had any problem spending money on cycling as it's my passion... But I wanted people's opinion. Is another $1,000+ (on top of the $1150 I've already spent for the Trace 45) worth it for hydrolics, an extra 3 gears and a slightly lighter frame?

Any thought apprreciated!

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Re: Advice wanted - commuter, Apollo Trace 45 or 55?

Postby shion_3072 » Fri Sep 08, 2017 1:17 pm

Depends what you mean by not loving hills as both the Alfine 11 and the 8 have the same 1st gear ratio at 0.527 and both bikes have 46 tooth chainring & 24 tooth sprocket, so no low end advantage there. I believe the Alfine8 has a easier 2nd gear. The big gain with the Alfine11 is more top speed and 3 more options in-between.

The more expensive one is a pretty sweet bike indeed if you have the cash. But there are other options like getting a smaller compatible chainring & bolting on some hydraulics. Another thought (seriously, for commuting in comfort) is a grand will get you a nice front wheel, peddle assist, ebike conversion. Or, now you know the geometry you like, a different bike with a whoopload of conventional gears & brakes you like.

(Techy guys, is what I said about the ratios correct?)

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