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Oakley EV Zero or Jawbreaker sunglasses?

Posted: Thu Jan 11, 2018 1:05 pm
by ForkinGreat
Tossing up between EV Zero with Sapphire fade polarized lens or Jawbreakers with road and trail Prizm lenses.

Has anyone used either or both of the EV Zero and Jawbreakers?

I have been using polarised lenses on various cycling and tradies sunglasses for years.
Current sunnies - I do see the tops of them when in the drops or trying to get aero in a headwind.

I like the idea of the less restricted field of vision of EV Zero, but the ability to change lenses in the Jawbreakers definitely appeals.

Do the EV Zeros and Jawbreakers no longer have a hydrophobic coating on the inside of the lenses?

Thanks in advance