Looking To Rent A Bike In Gold Coast For Comm Games

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Looking To Rent A Bike In Gold Coast For Comm Games

Postby Gambelli » Tue Mar 20, 2018 7:34 pm

HI All,

My name is Steve Gamble and I am flying up from Sydney to work on the Commonwealth Games at the end of next week and I am trying find someone willing to hire a bike for 2 weeks so I can commute to/from work

I am working at the Hockey Centre in Labrador and staying at the Sandcastles hotel also in Labrador, so they are about 4km apart and I'd like to be able to ride to/from each day to keep up my exercise.

I am willing to pay up to $150 for the 2 weeks for just a decent drop bar or flat bar road bike in good condition, I would also leave a bond and draw up and sign a hire agreement stating to pay for the cost of the bike if I damage it.

Anyway, if anyone has a spare training bike or a bike they are planning to get rid of and would be interested please let me know, its just too hard to send my bike up there.

I am 6ft and 80kg's btw so after a medium/large bike. I currently have a Giant Cross City 1 (2012) and a Norco Tactic 2 (2014). Last weekend I competed in my first Mini Triathlon at Wollongong so for proof that I am who I am you can look up the Try A Tri results from last weekend and find me on there. I am also happy to provide proof of accomodation, accreditation, licence etc to show I an genuine.

Thanks for your time guys, I look forward to chatting to everyone more on this forum!



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