Shoe Recommendations?

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Shoe Recommendations?

Postby Deus_Ex_Machina » Fri Apr 13, 2018 8:31 pm

Hi All,
I'm only a very occasional cyclist (I swim and run more) but have recently done a couple of Sprint Triathlons for fun and have decided I should get proper clipless shoes. I'm looking at the Shimano 550 pedals from wiggle as they seem like good entry level pedals at a good price but unsure on shoes.

Trying to get out of it for about $100 if I can.

Looking at Shimano RP1 (AT) $80
Like the look of the Shimano RP5 at $150 from Wiggle too but might be overkill.
OR do I get a Tri shoe given I'm prob only riding <100klm per week in em?

I am a little unsure on size too. I wear a US10 in almost all shoes. Someone on Ebay was selling some 44 RP5's as he felt they were a touch small and he is also a US10 shoe. I slipped on a display one today in a store sneakily as it was 44 and it felt firm and snug but not horrible, unfortunately I have no basis for comparison in cycling shoes. Based on Shimanos chart 9.5 = 44 and 10.5=45 so 45 is prob safer.

Sorry for all the questions but any help would be awesome.

Regards, Clint.

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Re: Shoe Recommendations?

Postby Tim » Sat Apr 14, 2018 8:49 am

Best thing is to buy your first pair from a shop.
Shoe sizing varies considerably between brands and often doesn't correspond to normal shoe sizing.
Cycling shoes are generally narrower than conventional shoes although many brands have a wider fitting.
Buying online runs the likely risk of receiving an incorrect size. Paying return postage negates any saving.

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Re: Shoe Recommendations?

Postby owly » Sat Apr 14, 2018 9:00 am

I use a 44 RP5.
I think it is a pretty suitable shoe for you IF it fits. Stiff enough in the sole, but not super stiff like the higher end shoes which you don't really need.

I'd go back to that shop (or another with that shoe) and try the next size up. If you don't like it, purchase some small cost item like some tabs or something, for their help.

If the 45 is still too tight (width) around the front, then look around for a Lake or Pearl Izumi shop. Try on one of their cheaper road models.

Note the RP5 can be worn with SPD (2-bolt-hole) cleats/pedals also. Which I do (secondhand pair of Frogs).
Heck! I'm quite happy hunting around for secondhand/NOS shoes that fit rather than paying retail.
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Re: Shoe Recommendations?

Postby Neddysmith » Mon Apr 16, 2018 10:38 am

I got some Venzo riding shoes from Cycling Deal for about $110 with pedals and cleats, done over 3000k in them and still going strong, comfortable, and not issues.

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Re: Shoe Recommendations?

Postby MattyK » Mon Apr 16, 2018 11:35 am

The R550s are pretty nice pedals. Honestly I can't justify paying any more. They spin nicely, use Shimano cleats (robust), and only sacrifice a few grams to the higher end pedals with no other appreciable performance deficits.

I'm the same shoe size as you (US10) and I find Shimano EU 44s reliably on size. Other brands I've gone up in size. (just got some fiziks in 44.5, and have Bonts in 45)

If it's mostly for tris, I would look at proper triathlon shoes. The ability to do a flying mount (or at the very least slip them on and buckle up while rolling) and flying dismount will save you heaps of time, and will avoid running in road shoes, damaging the soles and cleats and slowing you down. Going from riding in runners to road bike shoes won't save you anywhere near as much time, though I won't understate the confidence you get from being clipped in and able to sprint.

If you do choose tri shoes, budget $25-30 for toe covers because they're usually well ventilated/very open.

The Venzos from Cycling Deal are worth exploring (esp if you're in Melbourne and can try them on/inspect their quality), though I was underwhelmed by their road shoes in person. The atop buckles aren't as nice as Boas, the uppers are plasticky, and the sole is flexy. Their tri shoes are... alright. Cheap, not very stiff (not that I think this really matters too much), look decent, they would be fine for a sprint if you're not demanding. Very easy to slip into and out of. Size 44 was also good on me. Good value bundle with pedals too, those pedals seem to spin smoothly.

if you're after something fancier, if you wave say $120 at me I might be willing to part with my Bont Riot TRs. Size 45. Really well made. Raced once. But they make my feet numb under the balls after ~30km, and my feet must be narrow/flat, so I'm pulling the straps through quite a lot. If you have wide/high feet they might suit you well. PM me if interested, I'm in Melbourne if you want to try them on. (maybe I should just get some new insoles for them instead...)

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Re: Shoe Recommendations?

Postby Deus_Ex_Machina » Tue Apr 17, 2018 10:11 am

Thanks for all the responses guys. I did come across the Venzo's a couple of times but was unsure of the quality. Only just saw your response MattyK otherwise may have been interested in the Tri shoes but ended up buying some yesterday. When I say mainly for Tri's in reality I'll prob do 3 a year so most of my riding will just be recreational rd riding.

A local store had the Giro Savix on sale for $139 which have a BOA tightening mech and seem like a nice shoe for the price, they open pretty wide so could be slipped on pretty quickly and nipped up on the run I think (45 seems a good fit). If I get into doing more Tri's then I'll prob look at picking up some second hand Tri specific shoes.

Yeah the 550 seem a solid step up from the 540 and on Wiggle the price difference is stuff all. Anything more would be a massive waste on me, I'd be better of saving for new wheels or more importantly just getting better at riding.

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