Flight Electric Step - through Bike - Battery

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Flight Electric Step - through Bike - Battery

Postby skyeskeffington » Thu Aug 09, 2018 6:11 pm

I have just become the owner of two Flight brand step through electric bikes - all part are there but batteries need to be replaced - i am having some difficulty finding ones that fit. Can anyone help ?

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Re: Flight Electric Step - through Bike - Battery

Postby AUbicycles » Thu Aug 09, 2018 7:39 pm

Hello, Flight are the in-house brand of Goldcross Cycles. They have disappeared but it was a chain belonging to Super Retail Group who also have Rebel Sport. Rebel Sport now sell Flight branded bikes.

So the two options are trying Rebel or the entity behind it, SuperRetail Group.

Rebel Sport is not a bike shop and via their website don't have any ebikes. You can try but my guess is that you won't get much help.

SuperRetail Group... well, if it is older model which they don't support and particularly if you are not the original owner, you could be stuck.

And if you are stuck... you will have a tough time trying to locate the right model battery from overseas if the form and case is unique.. There are some generic options and I don't know whether you have a easy to replace generic form, but the second issue is importing and getting the correct documentation and customs clearance.

Consider identifying ebike shops that are a bit techy such as Sydney Electric Bikes. They, for example, could have the skill to rebuild a battery and even if you are not local, it would probably be worth an enquiry (you may have to be persistent) to get a workable solution.

Batteries naturally degrade and are a pricey part of a ebike so you can expect an investment of hundreds of dollars for each.

Good luck!

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