Audax/Randonneurs on Tandems in Australia?

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Audax/Randonneurs on Tandems in Australia?

Postby WPH » Sat Aug 29, 2015 4:14 pm

Great to see an audax forum here.

My stoker (as long as I can keep him interested) and I are working up to some longer rides - the Beverley Heroic 50 miler is our first target in October. We'll be taking the 1993 Trek T200. I know it's not an audax event, but it is our first step (I hope).

The question is: are there any other regular tandem teams doing audax events around the place and/or in Perth? I am familiar with the road racing thread maintained by Ironhanglider from the ACT, an inspiration.

I have trawled the internet for stories of tandem audax feats - mostly they are active in the US and Britain. I would be fab to see and learn about what Australian teams are up to.


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Re: Audax/Randonneurs on Tandems in Australia?

Postby ironhanglider » Sun Aug 30, 2015 6:54 pm


Welcome to this forum.

I only know of some of the local ACT tandem riders.

Ashleigh and Lindy rode Fitz's Epic in 2012.

John has done a few of the challenge rides around here, 5 peaks, Amy's ride etc, and he has gone down to ride the ATB a couple of times now. And there is a team of tandems who do the Hartley Ability Cycle Challenge each year. Once again John is part of that. I don't get involved in the big distance rides beyond providing some technical assistance with getting the bikes ready, mainly because of the time commitment to doing the training.

It makes it much easier if you have a constant rider/bike combination as the bikes suffer from the constant adjustments for seat height, stem replacements etc.

There are frequently a few tandems in most of the mass-participation events, but Audax is unknown to me. My instinct tells me that a good fitting tandem would be a good machine for a long-distance riding, as long as the personalities of the riders work together.



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