Le Panorama Horreur & Lithgow Panorama

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Le Panorama Horreur & Lithgow Panorama

Postby robHflyte » Sat Dec 05, 2015 7:49 pm

On the 28th of February 2016 Wayde has 2 rides out of Lithgow, Lithgow Panorama and Le Panorama Horreur. Both rides are 200km, the horreur incorporating some dirt (35km) and some climbing (3500m). A climb up Mt Horrible, sounds horrible.

I've organised to bookend the 28th with rides to and from Lithgow. The 27th we leave from Penrith and head over the mountains to Lithgow. On the 29th a ride heads back from Lithgow to Penrith. Michael S and I did this series (with Lithgow Panorama) of rides on touring bikes in 2014, I see it as one of the highlights of my Audax experiences.

The above 3 rides are on the Audax calendar.

This post is to ask if anyone is interested in extending this series.
While riders head back to Penrith on the 29th, I intend to ride further out west. So:

27 Feb, Penrith - Lithgow 100km (Audax), + 1953 / - 1096 m
28 Feb, Le Panorama Horreur 200 (Audax mixed surface), 3551m
28 Feb, Lithgow Panorama 200 (Audax), 3178m
29 Feb, Lithgow - Penrith 100km (Audax), + 712 / - 1592 m
29 Feb, Lithgow - Bathurst Sth route 70km, + 1006 / - 1261 m
1 Mar, Bathurst - Parkes Sth route 200km, + 1812 / - 2159 m
2 Mar, Parkes 200 (Audax Permanent, Wayde) or rest day.
3 Mar, Parkes - Bathurst Nth route 200km, + 2287 / - 1950 m
4 Mar, Bathurst - Mt Victoria Nth route (some dirt) 132km, + 2393 / - 2001 m

At this point I am not sure I will put these on as calendared rides (they would be BA, not BRM rides). Would anyone be interested in doing these as Audax rides? The 70km day would not be an Audax day, take as long as you like, sleep in, catch a bus. No support will be offered but I am sure Parkes Audax residents will be most welcoming when we get there.

You can use the 2nd of March as a day off. I'm hoping to take care of the March YRR attempt on that day.

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