Young 13 yr old Britt riding Across Australia

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Young 13 yr old Britt riding Across Australia

Postby brumby33 » Sun Mar 05, 2017 12:46 pm

I accidently happened to meet 3 people on a bus from Randwick to City, including young Siam Juntakeret from Cornwall UK and got to have a chat with them on the way into Sydney City, anyway when I asked them about their trip in Australia and what they are planning to do whilst here ( i could tell they weren't local Poms lol) they said they were over here to break a new world record for the first Child to ride across Australia within 33 Days.....there was one prior attempt by another youngster taking over 40 days but Siam has his sights on 32-33 days starting from Forster Tuncurry on the East Coast and riding across the Nullabor to Perth working on a 100 mile (160km) average daily distance.

His Mum and Trainer were among the 3 that I met and young Siam had his arm kinda slung up due to a bit of a stack before his flight over here. His Trainer Bob couldn't beleive how much Sydney has changed since being here before. Apparently very much the athlete himself.

Heres the article I found on him.... ... story.html

I hope he achieves what he set out to accomplish.

This is a bit about his trainer....he is organising a huge Cycle event also for later in the year.

You just never know who you're gonna meet on a Sydney Bus (I wasn't driving this one...just a passenger )


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