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Re: Coaching

Postby Derny Driver » Wed Oct 30, 2013 10:02 pm

nailsaslegs wrote: I think Blair fell in love with Bonnie...or was that Bon with Blair......

It was mutual love for sure. Who would have thought - a weekend trip to Hobart for a tour and then kaboom, its on. Hobart must be the city of lovers ...take yourself as an example Rob, you've done well for yourself, punching above your weight (no mean feat). Next time I come I'd like you to line someone up for me, Im actually 'between' girlfriends at the moment ...unless there is a BNA dating thread I can access between now and next trip south. But Hobart seems to be the love capital of Australia.

To digress further (since no-one is posting any coaching stuff ATM) it was just 2 nights ago Sam was here for dinner (he practically lives at my place) and we were laughing about how we went to your tour to ride for your boys, and at your pre-race tactical coach's talk, all your boys were told to play dometsique for Sam. Say What? Everyone is riding for the blow in out of towners haha. Anyway your call proved to be correct :D Blair still complains that he was in crap form and the Tasmanian boys all probably think he is a 'Nuff". So he is keen to come back and do better next year.

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Re: Coaching

Postby nailsaslegs » Thu Oct 31, 2013 8:10 pm

HAHAHA - next year I think everyone will be racing B - Joe is super strong now, Phil is TTing well almost cracked 27mins, 28:01. And we now have Dan...set the 5th fastest time up the Mtn this year, combine that with Sam and will be a brilliant tour next year. It was a great weekend of racing and shenanigans. I am sure Nic maybe able to find someone for you even if its for a weekend... :lol:

Sam and Blair should stay for the Mt Wellington challenge see how they go

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Re: Coaching

Postby ft_critical » Thu Oct 31, 2013 9:01 pm

get a room you two.

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