Xeccon Geinea Rear Light Review

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Xeccon Geinea Rear Light Review

Postby stretts » Wed Jan 22, 2014 8:22 pm

Xeccon Geinea Specs

Max output: 150 Lumens

Emitter: CREE LED

Runtime: 9-19.2 hours

Weight: 23g

Settings: High / Low / 3hz Strobe / 7hz Strobe

The Xeccon Geinea rear light is a pretty tiny unit, coupled with a quite small but long lasting battery the light provides a nice strong glow for the rear of your bike. I would say this light is ideal for commuters as you do have to mount an external battery pack to your top tube. There are things I love about this light and things that I'm not crash hot on, we'll start with the latter.

For a lot of people riding is about simplicity, however there is a lot to organise with the Xeccon Geinea rear light, starting with the length and amount of cords. You'll have to mount the light to your seat tube and connect it to the mounted battery on your top tube, which s then connected to the button that is mounted to your top tube or front bars (depending on where you would like to put the mode button). All of these connections make for a little clutter that some might not want to deal with. As long as you don't plan on removing the light from your bike then it will probably be ok. Despite this, there is reason for the extra bits and bobs - the Geinea has a great feature where it's button to switch modes is located externally to the light, mounted on the bike in easy reach, which is a great feature that saves you having to fumble around and reach back to your seat post to change the mode.

The second thing that was a little disappointing was the mount. It is very basic, consisting of a velcro strap with a thin rubber piece inside it. I found it difficult to get a good grip onto my seat tube which resulted in the light pointing down slightly - which may or may not be optimal for your set up. I would much prefer an o-ring type mount myself, so this is definitely an area for improvement. Finally, the mode switch button, while easy to access, was not as responsive as I would have liked, sometimes taking a few presses to change from high to low beam and so on.

As for the light itself, it is very strong and creates great coverage around the rear of the bike. The tiny light packs a punch and is very eye catching, perfect for getting the attention of motorists behind you. The light is less focussed however, and disperses evenly around the rear, illuminating the ground around you. In my opinion this is a good quality of the light, forcing drivers to be aware of the space around you.

This is a great little light, and with a few design tweaks it could become even better.

Disclaimer: This light was provided to me for review by Xeccon lights

Video tests of Xeccon Geinea and Xeccon Niguer lights:

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