New bike advice - again....

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New bike advice - again....

Postby Calvin27 » Fri Mar 14, 2014 2:52 pm

Ok, I've worked hard and saved a bit (not disclosing budget) and it's n+1 time.

I currently have a gravel bike with 105 + bb7 and a dually 29er 100mm both ends. In a fortnight, I generally do 8 days commuting, 2 30km road ride, 1 50km road ride, 1 single track ride (half day). What should I get next?

1. Quit this crap and just save your pennies, that's the problem with this generation.
2. Carbonise the existing bikes and get your weight weenie on!
3. Get a real road bike fool. Disc are and always will be crap. Settle for nothing less than Di2. and invest in a scale.
4. Grow the beard and get a steel fixie. Keep the rest of the money for when you inevitably crash or destroy your knee cartilage.
5. Relapse back into the belt drive craze (I used to own one).
6. 100mm only? Call yourself a mountain biker? Get on a 26er and make sure you have 6 inches in the rear!
7. Roadies are for pussies, get some ego on and stump up for a Tri bike, matching team kit and be an ass on beach road.
8. Gravel bikes? What the heck is that? It's called cross. Make sure to leave enough money to replace the BB every week.
9. Bigger is better. Monster over small kids during school drop off hours. Get fat, once again more inches is better.
10. Smaller is better. Trials anyone?

In all seriousness, very soon I will have the room and cash for n+1. And no, I will not sell/trade any of my current bikes. What would you do.
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Re: New bike advice - again....

Postby rodneycc » Fri Mar 14, 2014 5:29 pm

Now that is funny!.... :-) Option 2 or 3 for me :-) (well maybe not Di2 but mechanical 11 speed Dura Ace and a scale. Hmmm)
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