ByK E-450 x 3i - review etc

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Re: ByK E-450 x 3i - review etc

Postby queequeg » Tue Jun 09, 2015 12:22 pm

Mububban wrote:
queequeg wrote:It's a tough call with the sizing as there is a bit of overlap.

I was able to pick up an e-350 off the forums here not that long ago for my 6 year old, who has just moved off the Balance Bike.

Here he is a couple of weeks after insisting that he needed training wheels as pedals were too hard.

Probably looking at E-450 with gears for him next, but since he started watching me race he actually wants a road bike, so I may go that way instead.

Kids love to go fast don't they? :)

Queequeg, would you mind measuring how tall your 6 year old is? Also, how much length does the seat tube have in it? The e350 seemed to fit him okay, how much longer do you think it'll last him?


Here you go: Red tape is where the saddle currently sits, min insert Mark is 5.5cm further along. That will get him 12 months I reckon.
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