solo female cycling south east asia

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solo female cycling south east asia

Postby trishcanfish » Fri Oct 10, 2008 11:29 pm

I cycle through thailand, cambodia and laos (maybe Vietnam) from November. Have collated some route tips from various sites, and they sounded hassle free, some a little outdated (good ol mr pumpy) - but most sites were written by couples or solo guys, and am looking for a girls view of things esp safe practices. currently the route i have an interest in 3 pagoda pass to chang mai via katchanaburi, then cross the laos border and take boat to luang prabang - not sure from there through Cambodia but will re enter thailand in the south coast from cambodia via kampot/kep. Any info on wind or road conditions will also be a bonus.

I backpacked through Cambodia 8 years ago, so am aware of some of the intricacies to caution myself from - and am pretty excited about returning actually. 'Any suggested itineries or areas to watch out for would be greatly appreciated (need some written proof all will be ok to settle down mums nerves) - hope to reduce the luggage for this portion of the trip - just after I part from the coastline of croatia..... If you know of any female contacts, it would be greatly appreciated - if not, as of February, I could be one.....


all the best, Trish

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Postby ajh_ausnzcf » Sun Oct 12, 2008 12:38 am

Whoa :shock:

Good luck with your adventure! Are you going to tell us anything about your gear and how you plan to survive this?

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just the basics

Postby trishcanfish » Sun Oct 12, 2008 7:12 pm

!!! Spammer !!!, waterpurifying tablets, mosquito net, smile, :lol: sense of awareness and adventure mixed with a few random local phrases, and hopefully a nice and detailed map!! - and just the usual basics. I think less is more - although the first aid kit will stock a few more hardcore remedies and medications. Will probably send my tent and cooking stuff back home for this part of the ride as food and accomodation is cheap and wonderful. will be different cycling without front panniers as they have acted as great shock absorbers so far.

looking forward to it

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Cycling Cambodia and Vietnam Nov Dec 08

Postby kiwidrew » Mon Oct 13, 2008 11:06 pm

I am planning to do some cycling in Vietnam and Cambodia but don't want to do the organised tour thing. Do you have any links or information on interesting rides? Planning to travel light with mountain bike and do 2 - 3 days rides off road if possible.

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Single female touring alone in Asia - is it safe enough??

Postby michelle_van » Tue Nov 25, 2008 3:04 pm

Hi Trish

I'm also a single female who is hoping to cycle various parts of China and South East Asia over 6-12months. I'm planning on commencing my trip in mid December 08. I too am gathering information re safety, routes, etc... You sound much more experienced that myself re this cycle touring thing as I am quite new to it, and this will be the first time I have ever cycled alone and only my second real cycle tour (my first was with a friend through Mongolia and parts of China and I discovered how much I loved cycle touring).

I'm also very excited about this trip, although quite apprehensive about whether I am actually brave enough to do it all alone. I've been travelling constantly (public transport though) for the last three years, and generally in less developed, more challenging countries so I hope I'm relatively 'worldly!' but traveling alone by bike will be a whole new experience.

I will keep you posted on any information I discover. I would also appreciate any advice you think might be valuable for me too.

Who knows, hopefully we'll cross paths along the way. Travel safely and I hope you have a wonderful journey

Michelle :D

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Postby trishcanfish » Sat Dec 20, 2008 3:17 pm

just an addit - Thailand and laos, absolutely no problems to cycle, eat and sleep. the following hints for all who follow

Mae Hong son loop, west of Chiang Mai, I would definately recommend, having said this - from Mae hong son to chiang rai via pai, the road gets steep, curvy and challenging. I ended hitching up a couple of hills in the midday sun, which was easy to do, no shortage of utes. No probs in Norway, but for some reason, these hills seemed a challenge - a few fellow cyclists opted for buses or hitching. Fantastic scenery

Chiang mai to golden triangle via Mae Salong also nice, a few steep moments.

Chang Khong to Laos by boat - took boat to Pak Beng and cycled the loop to Oudomxai and Luang probang - great roads and villages were very humbling to cycle through. got caught up in a Lao wedding - and woke up with a headache. you can cycle straight from the boat as the roads have just been completed.

luang prabang to vientiane - well, great scenery and a 25km uphill - lots of undulations and great hot springs 15km north of Kasi. the road was dusty and broken about 50km either side of vang vien, and also the scenry is spectacular, the town itself reminds me of the gold coast during the end of schoolies week. I took a detour to plain of jars at phou khoun, and from phon hong to ban na keun via thalat on hwy 10 - the giant man made lake was the quietest place in laos, no early morning chikens or television wake ups. Vientiane is a bit dusty, but the market baguettes are cheap, and the coffee strong!!

Now time to head south - lots of cyclists in vientiane so no shortage of company for chirstmas season (apparently thats soon).

have to cut short the trip, cambodia will have to be next time - hope to catch you Michelle.



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