Reyolnds 753 - my first road bike

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Reyolnds 753 - my first road bike

Postby aussie_rhino » Mon Apr 02, 2007 12:03 am

Gday all. This is my first posting and it is rather fitting as today i purchased my first road bike and took it to the streets. What a fantastic experience and i am still smiling, despite the feeling that my legs will never be the same again!!
I purchased a Reynolds 753 with Suntour Superbe Pro running gear, crank arm, brakes and wheels. Overall I am really happy with the purchase and the bike rides a dream. I know the kit is oldish but does anyone have any experience with the Suntour gear and any comments on servicing and availabilty of parts??
Until next time, happy riding.

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Postby europa » Mon Apr 02, 2007 7:54 am

Good one mate. Piccies please :D

What brand and model bike?

Ebay is a good place for older bits but don't overlook your lbs. While most have trouble recognising anything that isn't on the floor, you get the occaisional shop that's been around long enough and run by someone smart enough, to have a decent set of old stock (which is why my son's Gitane runs a brand new Shimano600 front derailleur :wink: )

also on steel :D

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Postby aussie_rhino » Tue Apr 03, 2007 11:14 pm

not sure about the brand and model.
the frame was made by an outfit called soren&son in Queensland WA.
The bike was put together by the fella i bought it off.

do you know how do you insert an image?

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Postby Mulger bill » Wed Apr 04, 2007 7:24 am

You'll need to ba a member of an image hosting site like photobucket or imageshack Rhino, upload your images and the site will provide a line of code like this

Code: Select all

just copy and paste the code into your message.

You should get this if it works


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Postby mikesbytes » Wed Apr 04, 2007 10:09 am

Hi Rino, welcome to the forum.

You won't be able to post images until you have done 10 posts, this is a measure to stop spammers. Sorry about that.

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Postby aussie_rhino » Mon Apr 16, 2007 3:10 pm

thanks guys. guess i will just have to post some replies to get my image loading ability initialised.

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