Goldcoast bikeshare co. adamant they won't be abused

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Goldcoast bikeshare co. adamant they won't be abused

Postby Cheesewheel » Sat Nov 11, 2017 6:59 am ... d95d1c919b

Mobike is coming to the Gold Coast and it’s adamant it won’t be abused like other bikeshares

Call me cynical but I've got two words : Good luck.

From the article : “We’ve seen incredible success in cities like Milan, Florence, Manchester and Washington D.C and there’s no way people in places like Melbourne, Sydney and they Gold Coast are any less civilised than those people,” he said.

... its kind of worrying that he base his confidence on the support of the mayor. I recall one politician being surprised that service stations lock the doors after a certain time at night and only serve through a security window. Pretty sure the enthusiastic support of Tom Tate plays very little weight in the discrimination of an under 21 under the effects of four different drugs at 3am in the morning.

If they were trying to paint Surface Paradise in a positive light at the high end of civility and culture, perhaps it would be more convincing to compare it to Ipswich rather than florence and milan .... I am pretty sure they haven't factored a few things into their financial models ..... namely the contribution of hordes of intoxicated people that already provide steady employment for council clean up crews, security guards and police.

After dark, anything that isn't nailed down, shatterproof or effectively policed, remains in place only to the degree that destroying it warrants serious criminal consequences and a quick police response. Actually, even amongst those who happen to use these bikes legitimately, it will be interesting to see how police respond to drunk cyclists? In the event of some catastrophic accident involving an intoxicated person using their service, I wonder if there will be grounds for holding the company liable?

At least shopping centres employ people at about 1am every day to begin collecting trolleys, ..... and you still see them in the middle of the highway at 3am, getting stomped on by a group of bored teens or thrown into waterways surrounding isle of capri and pacific fair.

Unless they are docked in some secure location, I am pretty sure these bikes will meet the same if not worse fate as their brethren in sydney and melbourne

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